Chef Randall Smith

Project Description
Randall Smith has developed a great way for people to be educated and take advantage of farmer’s markets.  He has created and has been a working chef in his industry for over 20 years!  Currently he worked at First and Fresh Catering in Washington DC but has experience as being an executive chef in some of the fine hotels and clubs in Illinois and Wisconsin.  His website allows him to blog and educate people about local farmer’s markets, CSA’s, and locally sustainable farms in the area.  Take a look at his website and see what you’re missing out on!

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Check out Randall Smith's website with great FREE Quick Vegetarian Recipes! Cook Local Food is your source for FREE Quick Vegetarian Recipes online! Chef and Author Randall Smith's website has fun and exciting vegetarians recipes that are quick, low fat, delicious and nutritious! Chef Randall Smith is the author of Farm Fresh Flavor's, a great cookbook filled with quick and easy vegetarian recipes.
Chef Randall Smith