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Reel Seat Blanks
Jeff: The dust is starting to settle a little bit after our VERY successful website re-launch on August 10th. Brian and are have been FLOORED by the tremendous response and order volume our new website has created thanks to you and your team!! A BIG thanks to Sara and Ryan for all of the time they have spent with us to "tweak" and improve things as we progressed. These 2 folks have been very patient, helpful and supportive throughout the entire process. We couldn't have done this without them. You should be proud of them, they represent Jumping Trout in a very positive manor! Our order volume in the 1st 2 WEEKS of our new website is more than 3 TIMES the best MONTH we ever had with our old site. Jumping Trout has truly put the "C" back in customer service! Thank you for everything.

Regards, Steve Kincaid

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Reel Seat Blanks