Sign up for Walmart Plus - Here's how

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Sign up for Walmart Plus - Here's how
Sign up for Walmart Plus - Here's how
09-15-2020 11:00 am
(CNET 2020) We've already compared Walmart Plus to Amazon Prime, but here's some more details about Walmart's new delivery system, how much it costs, and what comes with it.

What's the cost?
For Walmart Plus, you can pay an annual price of $98. You can also pay monthy at $12.95m but this turns out to be $155.40 annually, which is not the most cost effective option. They're offering a 15 day trial so if you're not sure this is a good fit, you can test it out first.

How to sign up
As of yesterday (Sept. 14th), you can sign up for Walmart Plus - starting with the 15 day trial. As with any trial, you do have to enter your billing information. Regular billing will automatically start after the trial ends.

What's included?

Building on the store's original Delivery Unlimited option, Walmart Plus will offer in-store prices and "as fast as same day" delivery on over 160,000 items. Anything that's at your nearest store can be at your door within a day or the same day with no added fees. There is a $35 minimum for deliveries though. Sbuscribers will also get access to Scan & Go, a feature in the Walmart app that lets you scan items as you shop and then check out using Walmart Pay - bypassing the checkout line. There's also a gas perk with Plus - you'll save up to 5 cents per gallon at nearly 2,000 fuel stations.

How does it compare to Amazon Prime?
Short answer? They're not comparable. A lot of people want to think that this is a similar version to Amazon. But Walmart has more stores and is available to more people. Same day delivery on in-store items is something that Amazon doesn't have, because there aren't store fronts. By comparison, Amazon does have access to way more products than Walmart, but you'll have to wait for them. While both companies have grocery options, Amazon grocery stores aren't available to everyone, and there's only a select few locations. Amazon also offers movies, music, and games with their Prime membership - Walmart is still a superstore. It all comes down to if you value grocery delivery or streaming more.



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