In case you missed it: Major tech headlines

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In case you missed it: Major tech headlines
In case you missed it: Major tech headlines
10-05-2020 06:00 pm
(CNET, 2020) Happy Monday! In case you were distracted by the news surrounding politics this weekend, here's what's been happening in our neck of the woods.
In case you hadn't heard, or have been in living under a rock, the President and First Lady contracted coronavirus and the debate was a distaster.

In other news...

People like TikTok because it's real
TikTok has been recognized for its authenticity. Even though the future of the app is in the air, experts say that TikTok has paved the way for a long-term shift in what users want out of their social media apps. People post more unfiltered content on TikTok then Instagram and Facebook, and in the middle of a pandemic, that's more alluring. You can read more about the fate of TikTok here.

There's a force called The Hotshots that have dedicated their lives to fighting wildfires (and the focres of evil)
Fires are still happening in the west - and it's a real problem. So far, millions of acres have been burned in wildfires over the past few months in states like California and Colorado. With many people having homes in these areas, firefighters have been trying to fight the blaze while keeping everyone safe. Luckily, firefighters and other personnel from across the country have responded to the call to help contain the devastating fires. Crews like "The Hotshots", are special forces dedicated to fighting wildfires and emergency situations. The team has an intense standard for fitness and are trained just as any first responder personnel would be. To learn more about the hotshots, click here.

Walmart is going to try to challege Amazon

We've talked about this plenty of times - how Walmart Plus shouldn't be compared to Amazon Prime because they're not the same. So, tell me why we're now seeing statements made by experts that say Walmart is one of the very few companies that could hope to challenge Amazon in the e-commerce subscription market? Well, even though Amazon has a 15 year head start, Walmart is still the biggest retailer in the world. It also has all the resources, finances, and logistics to build their own online empire. Still wanting to try that Scan & Go feature though.. You can read all about Walmart Plus here.

Former astronaut Kathy Sullivan is breaking some awesome new records

She was in the first group of female astronauts to conduct a space walk, now, Kathy Sullivan is breaking some new records. On June 6th of this crazy year, Kathy went 7 miles below the surface in a submarine in the Pacific Ocean. Destination? The bottom of the Mariana Trench, known as the Challenger Deep, the deepest part of the ocean in the world. Haven't you ever wanted to go where no light exists? Well it took her 4 hours, to reach the bottom of the abyss. With that trip, Kathy has become the most vertical woman in the world. Didn't know that was a title - but when you think about it, going into space and then into the deep would qualify you in terms of miles traveled. And that's jsut awesome. You can read more about Kathy's experience here.

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