The best way to make awesome coffee for cheap

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The best way to make awesome coffee for cheap
The best way to make awesome coffee for cheap
10-12-2020 01:00 pm
(CNET, 2020) Is your morning coffee make you more sleepy than not having coffee at all? Are you tired of the same boring K-cup every day? Well, our friends at CNET created some tested tips and tricks for making that perfect cup of coffee - without breaking the bank. 

1. Buy beans in bulk 
Buy a small bag of dark roast (locally sourced preferrable). Then do the math: A typical 12-ounce morning coffee uses around .7-ounces of ground beans. When using a pur over method, that means you should get about 45 cups from a big bag of coffee. That's about 33 cents per cup! Consider what you spend on average for K-cups - which run closer to 65 cents per pod. 

2. Grind your beans
Freshly ground beans are the key to coffee excellence. Sounds like a bit of a hassle, but once you get used to it, coffee=heaven. The pour over method is a proven way to get your best cup of the day. You can find a manual grinder for as little as $10 to $15. If you want to cut your time in half though, you could invest in a burr grinder. Priced around $100 range, these grinders are more consistent and quicker than a blade grinder. 

3. Consider an electric kettle
After you grind the beans, it's time to heat up your water and get ready to pour. Pour-over coffee requires a kettle of some sort, as you need water that's just shy of boiling. Stovetop works just fine, but they also have electric models that are faster, safer, and more energy efficient. There are many different options for electric kettles out there, with vastly different price ranges. You want to find one with a gooseneck spout - purists will tell you is essential for pour-over coffee - which of course cost a little more. The temp of the water also matters, and needs to be around 200 degrees for the best coffee. You can find a kettle with temp controls (more expensive) or you can temp the water yourself (bring water to a boil then rest for 30 seconds).

4. Find the best pour over gear
The Oxo Brew is plastic and has a water tank that's marked on the side so you know exactly how much water to pour in. In the end, freshly ground coffee, a kettle of hot water and the Oxo Brew give a much lower price of coffee per cup and only compostable waste. 

Whatever way you choose to grind your coffee, we know it's all based on personal preference. That being said, I can personally tell you that my boyfriend has been doing his coffee this way for years, and it's truly magical tasting. Pour overs put my little K-cups to shame. 


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