I took a cycling class for the first time: Why it's a great workout

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I took a cycling class for the first time: Why it's a great workout
I took a cycling class for the first time: Why it's a great workout
10-13-2020 02:00 pm
(The Huffington Post, 2017) 2020 is the year of trying new things, and I decided to try cycling. If you're like me, then you probaby have put on a few extra pounds since quarantine. Now, I know cycling doesn't sound like a tech topic - however, I find the psychological benefits just as interesting as the physical ones. Sitting on a machine and sweating like a maniac was a crazy experience, but after researching about cycling, here's some reasons you too should hop on the bike.

1. It's really efficient
I should clarify, I'm talking about indoor cycling on a stationary bike. Going outside and cycling is good too, but not as convenient. Indoor cycling helps you shed fat, improve your heart health, and boost muscle endurance. Best part is, you do this all while stationary, so it's super low impact. I have had knee surgery so anything low impact that still gets my heart rate up is a plus. Also - if you're the type of person that needs someone to tell them what to do - a cycling class is perfect. You don't have to think about working out, just do what the instructor tells you!

The best part of the workout I had was the music - working out and keeping up to a beat is a workout this lazy girl can get behind.

2. It can make you smarter
Okay, I'm not sure the science behind this, but apparently "research" shows  that cycling as a form of exercise sharpens your thinking as well. Cycling gets the nerve cells in your brain firing and as these neurons spark into action they foster the production of proteins. It also helps your neurotransmitters communicate more effectively. In non-science terms, you improve your ability to retain information and ability to concentrate.

3. Bikes are safe
Compared to other exercises like running or weightlifting, cycling is low impact, which is perfect for any body. Your joints and limbs are safe from sprains or other injuries - which also means you don't have excuses!

4. Cycling builds muscles
This goes without saying, but cycling works your legs - glutes, quads and calves will be toned and muscular. Some lesser known benefits include improvement in the core muscle groups from balancing, improved posture, and upper body strength. This is definitely true, since my WHOLE BODY was sore afterwards. Because it's not just sitting down. You're expected to stand up on the bike at some point, which is a lot harder than it seems.

5. Social and good vibes
Even though each person in the class had their own individual stations, I was welcomed to my first class by every regular in there. It was a really refreshing vibe from the gym, especially in the coronavirus age. They turn the lights down so you focus on the beat of the music, clearing your mind and letting your body do the work. At the end, the lights come on, and you get the chance to stretch and talk to your neighbors.

While I did feel like dying during the workout (it was ONLY 30 min btw), my mood was immediately boosted for the rest of the evening. Overall, you can do anything for 30 minutes, so why not find a cycling class? You could take it a step further and purchase your own Peleton cycle - which combines the magic of cycling and technology so you don't even have to leave your house! I'm not ready to make that investment, but cycling is definitely the workout of the future, and you should be willing to try it.

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