Candy Corn; Yay! or Nay?

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Candy Corn; Yay! or Nay?
Candy Corn; Yay! or Nay?
10-30-2019 10:24 am
Halloween is almost here, which means it's time to argue about candy corn. Whether you're on team "I LOVE candy corn!" or team "why is this concidered a candy?", the truth is that these treats have been around since the 1880's and there's not going away anytime soon. Lets cool the arguement for the time being and embrace the fact that October 30th is concidered #nationalcandycornday and learn a little about these waxy and sickeningly sweets.

It Was Originally Handmade
Today, commercial machines form each kernel. But, back in the 1880s, the original candies were mixed and formed by hand. Workers would cook up the mixture in a large kettle and pour the mixture into kernel-shaped trays.

Today, It’s Owned by Jelly Belly
The candy originally debuted under the umbrella of the Goelitz Confectionery Company, but today it’s owned by the well-known Jelly Belly company. It might have been bought out, but the candy production never stopped since 1880!

The Colors Are Layered
To create that striped effect, the candy corn batter is poured in three phases. First, they do white, followed by the yellow and the orange. Then, they finish the candies with confectioners glaze to give each candy its characteristic shine.

It’s a Low-Calorie Snack
Each piece of candy corn has only seven calories. As long as you contain your munching to under 14 pieces, you can enjoy them as a tasty 100-calorie snack! They do contain a lot of sugar, though, so it’s not the ideal choice for dieters -- and it's fat free!

It’s a Halloween Favorite
There are a ton of candy corn haters out there, but it’s actually one of the most popular Halloween candies. It takes a second place only to chocolate, and it’s the number one favorite in Oregon, Texas, Tennessee and South Carolina.

There Are Other Holiday Versions
While the classic white, orange and yellow candy is the most well-known version of candy corn, the company also makes other holiday versions. Look for red and pink Cupid Corn on Valentine’s Day, red, white and blue Freedom Corn on 4th of July, and red and green Reindeer Corn for Christmas.

It Used to Cost 25 Cents a Pound
Today, a bag of candy corn will run you around $9 a pound, but it originally cost only 25 cents. That’s a 3,500 percent price increase in less than 140 years!

They Make (and Sell) a Lot of It
People don’t just buy candy corn for Halloween, either. Jelly Belly can make 3,500 pounds of this candy every hour, and the National Confectioners Association estimates that they sell 9 billion kernels every year. That’s more than 35 million pounds!

There’s a Debate How to Eat It
More than half of candy corn eaters just pop the whole kernel in their mouth. But, some people believe it should be nibbled from the narrow white end down to the wide orange end. There are a few people who start at the bottom and work their way up.

Candy Corn Isn't The Treat's Original Name
When the Goelitz Confectionery Company first produced candy corn, it was called "Chicken Feed." The boxes were illustrated with a colorful rooster logo and a tag line that read: "Something worth crowing for."

It Has A Long Shelf Life
Once the package is opened, store candy corn covered and away from heat and light at room temperature; it should last three to six months. If unopened, packaged candy corn will last about nine months.

While facts are facts, the war on candy corn isn't going anywhere (and neither are candy corns!)


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