Goodbye passwords! Face recognition required

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Goodbye passwords! Face recognition required
Goodbye passwords! Face recognition required
07-01-2020 10:00 am
(CNET 2020) On Wednesday, Apple disclosed the biometric authenitcation support on Safari at WWDC, its annual developers conference. The conference was pushed online after the coronavirus pandemic. 

This news is a big boost for a new technology called Web Authentication, or WebAuthn, developed by FIDO consortium allies. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge are working with similar technology from Windows Hello facial recognition and Android fingerprint authentication. 

Since Apple is by far the most popular product in the market, the company's support of this new technology holds a lot of weight. This could be a big step in getting rid of passwords altogether. Let's face it, we reuse passwords so much -- which makes it easy for hackers to breach multiple accounts per person. In addition to the lack of safety, passwords are a hassle to remember and change -- unless you have them written down, which defeats the purpose doesn't it?

Let's hope this new technology is released without too many bugs! 


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