Updating your website should be easy!

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Updating your website should be easy!
Updating your website should be easy!
07-13-2018 08:44 am
Don't abandon updating your website. With a custom CMS (content management system), its much easier than you might think!

As most businesses can tell you, things change, service offerings change, pricing changes, product availability and offerings change and even staff members change. So your website should be able to be easily changed as your business changes, yet while at the same time offering the functionality that your business needs to provide to your customers.

Why aren't websites updated?
From conversations with our clients about their experience with many of the online website builders, it seems like the systems fall into one of two categories: Way too complicated or way too simple and not enough functionality.

But, it's way too complicated to use!
For the former, the "way too complicated" CMS and website builders, they tend to be made based on idea "one size fits all" with plugins developed by many different developers that are all in different phases of development. The advantages of this type of system is that there are plugins for many functions. However, the downside of this type of system is that for the typical small business owner it becomes tedious and time consuming to stop what they are doing to learn how to utilize the system to maintain their website. These systems create a stumbling block where business owners don't update their website, it becomes outdated and ends up costing them search engine placement as well as potential customers.

But, it doesn't have the functionality my business needs!
For the later, the way too simple and not enough functionality CMS and website builders, they tend to be made based on the idea that business owners just want a website up and running quickly and don't want to hire a professional. These types of systems do have advantages like they are lower in cost and usually offer a drag and drop website design builder. However, the disadvantages of these are you are limited to the functionality that the system has and no ability to get additional functionality beyond the basics. Although easy to use, they tend to limit the number of pages that you can create as well as the functionality is quite limited, which creates a website very limited in value for the business and the customer.

The custom CMS built by Jumping Trout:
With our custom CMS, we are able to build a clean, simple to use website editing CMS that has the features and functionality needed for your business. There is no more dealing with what should be simple to use features, that turn out to be too complex for the normal small business owner.

Keeping your website up to date this day and age is an important task considering updated websites and content not only helps the visitors gleen information about your business that can turn them into customers, but also increases traffic from search engines.

Contact us today to learn how a custom CMS and responsive website by Jumping Trout, LLC can assist your business!

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