New warning about counterfeit face masks

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New warning about counterfeit face masks
New warning about counterfeit face masks
07-17-2020 02:00 pm
(GMA July 17, 2020) 3M is the largest manufacterer of N-95 masks as filed lawsuits against companies creating counterfeit masks or over-charging for masks - that are mandatory in some states and stores. 

According to 3M, they've partnered with local law enforcement to stop the sale of masks online that are overpriced and counterfeit N-95. So far, they've flagged over 7,000 online listings that are guilty of either price gouging or selling fake product. Fake in this case means that they're not CDC regulated. In addition, over 10,000 social media posts were flagged as having fake masks. 

N-95 masks shouldn't cost a fourtune, yet some companies are charging way more and giving you fakes. Not only is this bad on your wallet, but it could be putting your health at risk. The difference in these masks could be down to the minute details. One of the masks, for example, had '3N' printed instead of '3M'. Other masks are just not good quality to be considered N-95 masks according to CDC compliance. 

3M also says that the proceeds they recieve from the sale of their N-95 masks goes to COVID relief efforts. You can find the whole story below. 

Stay safe out there!


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