Amazon deletes the checkout line - again!

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Amazon deletes the checkout line - again!
Amazon deletes the checkout line - again!
07-20-2020 04:00 pm
(CNET July 14, 2020) Forget the shopping cart, Amazon just unveiled the Amazon Dash Cart, which is infused with weight sensors and cameras that allow it to scan your items as you're pacing them in the cart. That's right, skip the checkout line! 

This is a play-off version of Amazon Go, a store that does away with the checkout experiences by using cameras in the store to detect what customers leave with and charge them. 

"Our primary motivation for building this was to be able to save customers time," said Dilip Kumar, vice president of Amazon's physical retail and technology. "The alternative solutions are standing in the express checkout lanes or fumbling through self-checkout stations." 

Dash Carts will debut at the Amazon store in Woodland Hills, CA - which will open later this year. This store will still include conventional check out lanes. But this new feature will cut time in the grocery store, something that Amazon is hoping will attract customers to them instead of their regular grocery. 

Competing retailers have made efforts to add more tech, like touch-free and self-checkouts. Traditional grocery stores definitely have some competition, since Amazon Go added unpackaged fruits and vegetables in February. 

The technology of the new carts is complicated, but ultimately will make life easier for consumers. Safe guards like cameras and weight sensors are in the carts to fight theft. To start, you'll have to log into their carts using a QR code in the Amazon app. You'll be charged automatically to the card you have on file already with Amazon. When you walk out through the designated Dash Cart lane, you'll be charged and recieve an electronic receipt. If you change your mind on an item before checkout, you'll still be able to put things back on the shelf without getting charged. 

There aren't any Amazon stores in the Rockford area currently....maybe we could petition for one? 



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