What your ride-shares are doing to keep you safe

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What your ride-shares are doing to keep you safe
What your ride-shares are doing to keep you safe
07-21-2020 04:00 pm
(CNET July 21, 2020) As businesses open up again, many owners are trying to navigate how to keep everyone safe, especially their employees. That's why Lyft has started a new online store to sell PPE gear to their drivers. The store is owned, operated, and managed by a defense company to ensure peace of mind. 

Although they didn't publicy name their partner, readers investigated and found that Mission Ready Solutions was named on the site's terms and conditions as the owner. On Monday, Lyft confirmed that they are working with the company.

Mission Ready is known for manufacturing body armor and tactical gear and has worked with the US Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force. They will stock the store from their third-party logistics providers and extensive supplier network. Mission Ready will also be in charge of shipping PPE directly to drivers. 

Mission Ready CEO, Jeffery Schwartz says they will "continue establish procedures to identify and proactively mitigate any potential challenges so that drivers receive the protection they need." 

As to why they chose to keep things under wraps, Lyft said they wanted to ensure that all drivers had access to the store and equipment before they announced it publicly. 

Some of the items that can be found on the store site are plastic partitions that separate the driver from the passengers, about $50. Reusable face cloth masks sell for about $1.92 and packs of disposable masks (50 masks) are being sold for $25.50. Other items include hand sanitzer gel and disinfectant. 

Although Lyft isn't providing these items for drivers at no cost, Lyft says they will not see any profits from the sales.

Source: https://www.cnet.com/news/lyft-quietly-partners-with-defense-contractor-to-provide-ppe-to-drivers/

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