Apple vs Google: The future of the web wars

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Apple vs Google: The future of the web wars
Apple vs Google: The future of the web wars
07-28-2020 04:00 pm
(CNET, July 28, 2020) Apple and Google have both had major strides in internet and consumer products, but they have very different ideas on the web's future. 

Google, which was born on the internet, relies on advertising revenue from their search engine. Google wants to focus on web apps, which will run the same as conventional apps but available on desktop. They also want to pack their Chrome browser with web programming abilities, and pushing PWA (progressive web apps) that work without an internet connection. 

Apple on the other hand was based in their strength of mobile and portability of a computer. They see a role to curb the web's new problems, making privacy a priority with Safari's Intelligent Tracking Prevention - a feature that helped lead other browsers to stop tracking. 

Apple is less than enthusiastic about PWAs though, as it will cut in to their regular app sales. However, if both Google and Microsoft hop on board, Apple will need to keep up. 

Which platform do you prefer?? 



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