AI and web design: A look into the future

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AI and web design: A look into the future
AI and web design: A look into the future
08-10-2020 06:00 pm
(Robots & Automation News 2020) Artificial Intelligence has made strides we could have never believed. Between Siri, Amazon, Google, and other major tech companies, AI is being used to make our lives easier. Unfortunately, this also means AI and automation taking the place of humans in the workplace. For us, a new realm has been entered - web design.

When we design your website, there's a team of us working to make sure you have the design and function you want in order to take your business to the next level. We consider factors like audience, product, and design. Now, AI has the power to design and build websites on its own. This is referred to as artificial design intelligence (ADI), and some companies are taking full advantage of this new technology.

Since AI has become more intelligent, and is able to analyze existing web pages to create highly personal designs. It makes it "easier" to create a website and cuts down on tedious manual tasks that often come with the web design experience. It also helps web design companies cut costs. Companies like Wix and Squarespace are examples of how ADI is used to create websites for individuals and businesses. But this isn't all hands-off. The issue with these sites is that it uses templates - you still have to do the creative work yourself. You have the option to customize using pre-set layouts, images, text options, and more.

While it may seem easier, AI cannot replace the human touch. Creating a website is a process, and the final product reflects your business, customers, and your products - that you've worked so hard for. A computer cannot think as creatively as a human, but rather use what's already been done. The design experience is important in web design, and having a team of people discuss ideas and opinions can't be replaced by a single computer.

That being said, ADI technology can assist web designers like us to become more efficient. It has been suggested that AI could assist in the design process by suggesting layout variations and improving the font selection process - while still allowing us to take on the more creative aspects of website building.

So please, let us help you!


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