Amazon gives their Twitch a new name

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Amazon gives their Twitch a new name
Amazon gives their Twitch a new name
08-10-2020 08:00 pm
(CNET, August 2020) With over 150 million subscribers to its Prime service, Amazon is making a change to their newest gaming service - Twitch.
In an attempt to be more recognizeable in the gaming world, Twitch Prime has been rebranded as Prime Gaming.

Twitch had an ambiguous logo and was streaming on Twitch.TV. Under the new branding, we see the famous Amazon smile in the logo. Amazon Prime subscribers have access to this service, where they receive free titles and in-game items, among other things. It's actually been offered to Prime members since 2016, following the $1 billion buy out of Twitch in 2014. Twitch became a popular way for gamers to share livestreams of them playing video games (yes it's a thing), giving spectators a chance to discuss what's happening on screen and pay through $5 subscriptions.

We'll see how big of an impact this rebranding will have on Amazon.


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