Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

In order to achieve successful internet marketing for your company, your first start by understanding what are your company's needs and goals.  If it's to get your company's name out there for everyone to see (and remember), attract more customers, and make more money; than we're your people.  Jumping Trout LLC specializes in being an internet marketing company in Rockford, IL and by helping local companies achieve their goals, we achieve ours.

What is Internet Marketing?

Internet marketing, or online marketing, is the process of using multiple forms of marketing to spread awareness about a business and its products/services online. Internet marketing includes:


Internet Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

According to some studies, consumers are exposed to up to 10,000 brand messages a day!

With that many ads, how do you break out from the crowd? One method is simply don't join the crowd! Yes that is right, don't join them! Instead of relying on traditional media and hoping consumers remember your ad among the tens of thousands of ads they are exposed to daily, content marketing or Internet marketing provides an alternative opportunity. Unlike using the shotgun approach with traditional marketing, online marketing helps your brand get in front of consumers when they are in search of the product or service that your business provides.

Internet Marketing allows you to get in front of consumers when they are actually looking for what you provide. Successful online marketing campaigns usually include visually attractive, educational or entertaining content. These types of elements create an emotional connection that allows your message not only be remembered but also SHARED with friends and family.

Understanding Internet Marketing

At Jumping Trout LLC, we know that marketing goals and strategies have to evolve with the technology and current customer patterns. Understanding that traditional marketing strategies have their place for some businesses while others may strive at a modern day marketing strategy that encompasses more than a shotgun approach, helps set us apart from other internet marketing companies in Rockford, IL. We discuss, with our clients, the best and most cost effective marketing strategies for each specific business we meet with and their demographics.  This helps us determine an effective, thought out plan that ensures your business gets the most out of it's online marketing.

Unsure where to start?  Let us help!  Since we are an internet marketing company in Rockford who specializes in online marketing, trust us when we say that we can get your business seen by consumers who are searching for your services or products by using the correct internet marketing tools.