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Website Design

"Professional Website Design, Custom Experience"

By a Professional Web Design Company in Rockford, IL

For businesses and organizations, having a website is crucial these days.  A well-designed website that gets found on the search engines organically is very important.  Here at Jumping Trout LLC, our job is to bring you more business by creating you a custom, one of kind, user-friendly website that is accessible across all devices like mobile phones, tablets and desktop/laptops.

“What is a responsive website?
…we’re glad you asked!

A responsive website is a website that has been designed to resize itself and adjust design elements based on the size of the device accessing it. From desktops/laptops down to tablets and smartphones, a responsive website will  resize itself accordingly allowing the features of the website to be easily accessed no matter the size or type of device.

Why is responsive website design important?

With the ever increasing usage of mobile devices, search engines such as Google started to take a look at how visitor behaviors have changed. Starting in 2015, Google put forth an algorithm change that gave websites prominence in mobile searches that are usable on mobile devices. Since then, Google has been making updates to both the desktop and mobile version of their search engines to improve rankings for websites that were mobile friendly even when the searches were completed on desktops/mobile.

Over 60% of all internet searches are made on mobile devices and smartphone users internationally surpassed 2 billion in 2016

Benefits of responsive website design

  • Consistent interface across all devices
  • Improved search engine rankings
  • "Edit once, use everywhere" Content, so no duplicate content is created
  • Consitent website analytics allowing for easier understanding of user behavior
  • Primary recommendation from search engines such as Google

Custom Website Design in Rockford, IL

Is your business unique or just like everyone elses? If its the former, why use FREE templates to look like the websites of other companies? At Jumping Trout, LLC we understand every business is unique and has its own personality and needs. We design our custom responsive websites in house for your company's specific needs, your personal tastes and your company's target demographic.