How lo-fi artists make music perfect for work

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How lo-fi artists make music perfect for work
How lo-fi artists make music perfect for work
09-14-2020 06:30 pm
(The Washington Post, 2020) Lo-fi hip hop is a creative feat of the Internet age, taking meaningless beats and organizing them in a repetitive way. The soothing sounds of jazz and elevator music with a downbeat added makes for a great working soundtrack, but why?

The genre started about a decade ago. A network of artists who repurposed last-century drum machines and samples for its signature mellow sound. Some tracks in recent years have become wildly popular. These beats are very coffee bar-esque, which contributes to the working theme. While some people think it's bland, most people listen to it for calming or mindlessness.

In fact, researchers have studied the effects of music on work for decades. Little of that research is conclusive or representative enough to apply to every work style and taste, but it can offer a few guidelines. Good work music doesn't inspire feelings that are too positive or negative - they help you remain neutral and thinking about the task at hand. Mood effects cognition, which affects your focus, which can affect your work.

Ambient music isn't a new thing, but it's since been updated with different instruments and changed overtime to make it more modern. I hadn't realized the magic of the music until it came across my YouTube playlist while searching for "relax/chill/work" music, or something to that end. It helps get your mind off of whatever is in the outside world and helps you focus on the task at hand - like writing this article for example.

I encourage you to try it. Sometimes there's something nice about elevator music.


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