How to celebrate Halloween safely in 2020

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How to celebrate Halloween safely in 2020
How to celebrate Halloween safely in 2020
10-13-2020 11:00 am
(, 2020) I just recently started to think about how it's the middle of October and I haven't been to ONE Halloween party. Then I remembered that it was 2020 still and we're in the middle of a pandemic. So, what can we do to celebrate? Halloween isn't an important holiday (like Christmas), but it is social, so it's important to try to uphold some sort of normalcy.

Here's a list of non-boring ways to have a safe Halloween.

1. Go viral
Use video chats for an online party. It's not quite the same as being in person, but at least you'll be able to see them, drink as much as you want, and wear your pjs (but it's waaaay better if you dress up). On the plus side, you won't have to bundle up to wear your costume! There are also many virtual games - like Cards Against Humanity - that makes for a fun activity.

2. Embrace the mask
If you're creative, you could make your face mask part of your costume. That way you feel a little better about going to that house party with your friends. Make sure if you do this, that you don't paint your mask, as some paints can contain toxins.

3. Spooky movie night
Celebrate with a movie night and dress as your favorite characters. Do this with your family or a small group of people. Keep it intimate, low key, and light. It's also a good idea to video chat while watching a movie if you feel like you need to stay apart from people.

4. Get crafty
This is one normal traditino that's super safe. You can carve pumkins virtually or in person, while maintaining six feet of distance while at the table. In addition to this, you can also get a small group together and bake some fall, Halloween treats. Decorate the pizza with toppings in the shape of a jack-o-lantern, make tangerine pumpkins, or pumpkin cake pops.

5. Look for outdoor events
Supporting your local community is important now more than ever. This fall and winter, try looking for community events focused on safe ways to have fun. There may be events going on with the park district, zoos, or outdoor venues. And while haunted houses aren't the safest activity, some places have become innovative. Try a drive thru haunted house this year - I know there are some in the stateline area. If the haunted hay rides are happening, make sure you're socially distanced on the tractor though.

There's plenty of things to do this fall even though it seems our world has been turned upside down. We're resilient and able to adapt - so let's take advantage of these "new" opportunities.


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