Why it's important to shop local

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Why it's important to shop local
Why it's important to shop local
11-25-2020 04:00 pm
(The Leavenworth Echo, 2020) Small Business Saturday is right around the corner (Sat. Nov. 28th). You've probably heard everyone stressing about shopping local...but why? There are tons of perks to shopping local, including supporting the local businesses. Here's a list of some good reasons why shopping local is the move of 2020. 

1. More of your money will be kept in your local economy. For every $100 you spend at a locally owned business, $68 will stay in the community. At a big box store? Only $43. 

2. You embrace what makes your community unique. At local stores, you can get gifts that you can't get anywhere else!

3. You create local jobs. Local businesses are better at creating higher paying jobs for your community. Forget minimum wage! Your local places have a lot of opportunities in the job market. 

4. You help the environment. Buying from a locally owned business conserves energy and resources. Everything is packaged at the source and there's much less transportation of goods. 

5. You nurture community. Local business owners know you, and you know them. You probably went to high school together. These businesses are more inclined to donate to the community because they are a part of it. 

6. You conserve your tax dollars. Shopping in a local business district means the sales taxes are reinvested where they belong! 

7. You create more choice. Locally owned businesses pick the items and products they sell and want. That means you get a better selection! 

8. You took advantage of their expertise. Local business owners know how to serve you because they're passionate about what they do.

9. You invested in entrepreneurship. Creativity and entrepreneurship are what the American economy is founded upon. 

10. Make your community a destination! Whether you're talking about downtown Rockton, Rockford, Oregon, or any place on the way, local store clusters stick together, and therefore create a fun shopping experience! 

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