Mrs. Fisher's Potato Chips

Client Testimonial
Jumping Trout, LLC
Mrs. Fisher's Potato Chips
Our website was having trouble keeping up with the times, but thanks to the help from the individuals at Jumping Trout we were able to update our look as well as give our customers easier navigation on the page. Hannah did a splendid job of painting the pictures that we saw in our head for the website – we could not have asked for a better turn out. The communication throughout the entire process was impeccable, too; Sara could not have been more cooperative and ready to lend a hand. Jeff has done a wonderful job hand-picking his employees and has clearly chosen the cream of the crop.

Christopher Spiess
General Manager
Mrs. Fisher’s Inc.

Mrs. Fisher's Potato Chips are made locally here in Rockford, IL!  They pride themselves with greating the perfect potato chip and have been since 1932!  Check out the different chip options like ruffle, bbq, dark chips, and of course their famous plain chips!  See for yourself; visit the website and see how you can order chips online and have them delivered right to your door step anywhere in the country. 
Mrs. Fisher's Potato Chips